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8 ERP Trends Macola

These eight ERP trends will significantly impact the ability of manufacturers and distributors to increase visibility & control of enterprise processes, improve decision making through better data collection, integrate core business functions, and automate processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain

In a recent survey commissioned by Macola, respondents appear to be embracing the “fourth industrial revolution,” finding value in 3D printing, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), wearables, virtual reality and other tools to their operations. See which trends are fads or actual value drivers in this infographic.

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Modernizing Traceability Through ERP

Modern businesses need traceability. Modern ERP provides it. Modern ERP solutions allow you to...

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What's Hot in ERP

7 Trends for 2017

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5 Benefits of Automated Workflows

Controlling the Symptoms of Inefficiency with Automated Workflows. Adding automated workflows to your ERP solution can drastically reduce these five symptoms of inefficiency.

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Connecting the Dots: Modernizing Traceability Through ERP

While traceability is by no means a new concept, it is one that is growing in importance—and complexity—in the world of modern manufacturing.

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A Cure For The Common ERP

Pain points in business commonly include issues of inefficiency, inaccuracy and lack of integration. These issues can be compounded by outdated ERP processes. ERP solutions that incorporate automated workflows eliminate many of the more manual parts of the workflow while streamlining steps to make it more efficient. Learn about the five pain points of automated workflows address.

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Benefits of Integrating Traceability in Manufacturing

The legal costs that are behind a recall or the consequences of not having traceability can be astronomical. But there’s also the bright side of traceability. Traceability can help you not lose money and not be liable, but it can also help you make money.

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ERP for the 21st Century

Modern ERP solutions address the problems with old ERP through three key features that focus on mobility, usability and integration. New ERP helps bring order and accountability to chaos by incorporating automated workflows.

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White Papers

Automated Workflows Effectively Monitor Your Business in Real Time

The integration of automation and process flows – automated workflows – delivers real-time business activity monitoring to ensure that you respond quickly and optimally to developments in your business environment.

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5 Signs Now’s the Time to Upgrade to Enterprise Business Software

If you’re like most manufacturing and distribution companies, you’ve started out with a hodgepodge of manual and siloed systems to manage your business. But workloads have grown and vast quantities of information make decisions overwhelming.

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Top 10 Steps to Higher Profits and Easier ERP Implementations

When implementing ERP software, both large and small organizations share a common goal: rapid deployment and a fast return on investment.

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What Is Your ERP Solution NOT Doing for Your Organization?

While ERP does a fine job of tracking manufacturing, distribution and accounting processes, traditional ERP systems do not encompass interactions with outside parties such as customers, suppliers and business partners.

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Beyond the Shop Floor – Efficient Organizations Have Lean Offices

More and more manufacturers are implementing lean principles to minimize waste and increase efficiency, stripping out processes that do not create customer value. However, it’s becoming clear that the shop floor is not the only part of the operation responsible for extended lead times.

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